Widely acknowledged as one of the revered Gurus of our times, Pandit Monoj Shankar is credited with a remarkable methodology of teaching. For him, every student is unique and demands a unique approach to the transmission of knowledge in a subject as subjective as Indian Classical Music. He combines an uncompromising attitude in the matter of "technique" (and the associated hard work necessary to master it) with a flexibility which encourages a student to be creative.

Incredible patience (while dealing with students ranging from 5 year olds to 70 plus senior citizens), articulation, an inexplicable urge to transmit knowledge, ..all these qualities and more have contributed to his enviable reputation as a teacher, who is a common convergence point for students from all over the world. No wonder, some of his disciples are established professionals, acclaimed in India & abroad.

Students at RABINDRA BHARATI UNIVERSITY, Calcutta, benefitted from his decade-long association and marked his dedication and 'personal touch' in teaching which is often missing in colleges & universities.