Pandit Monoj Shankar has been a prolific performer for the last 5 decades : music conferences (festivals) all over India have had the privilege of his recitals marked by tunefulness, 'dhrupadi' grandeur, veenkar baaj as well as a lilting lyricism which adorns his light classical and folk pieces.

Music-lovers & connoisseurs of Calcutta witnessed a historic occasion in 1954 on the inaugural session of Alauddin Sangeet Samaj music conference at Khanna Cinema Hall (a popular venue in those days when there were fewer auditoriums for classical music) when the President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad inaugurated the event & listened to maestros Bade Gulam Ali Khan & Nikhil Banerjee-Ali Akbar for an hour. The very next artist, Monoj Shankar in his early twenties rendered an awesome performance with another (would-be) stalwart, Mahapurush Mishra on tabla. The discerning audience - including renowned musicians of the city - were overwhelmed by the sheer confidence & quality of the young, relatively unknown sitarist, who had the nerve to take the stage after the living legends of the music-world.

Monoj Shankar did not look back after that. All India Sadarang Music Conference, Entally Music Festival, North Calcutta Sangeet Sammelan, Srirampur Sammelan, Ballygunge Music Conference, Baba Alauddin Memorial Committee Annual Conference, Festivals in North Bengal, Patna, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Muzzafarpur, Barauni, Delhi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Gaya, Bombay, Nepal, Sikkim (invited by the then King of that erstwhile state), ......the list is long and apparently unending.

Legendary tabla maestros including Keramatullah Khan, Kishen Maharaj, Sharda Sahai, Kanai Dutta, Latif Ahmed, Shyamal Bose have accompanied Monoj Shankar in major musical events.

The late sixties & early seventies witnessed the emergence of an exciting Jugalbandi featuring GURU-SHISHYA - Ustad Bahadur Khan & Pandit Monoj Shankar - which re-generated the nostalgia associated with Sitar-Sarod duet. Monoj Shankar also featured in successful jugalbandis (duets) with other accomplished artists including Siyaram Tewari (Dhrupad), Ramu Shastri (Violin), Pratap Lal Pawar (Violin), Rajesh Moitra
(Sarod), Maqbul Hussain ( Saringi ), Shyamal Nath ( Sarod ), Dulal Roy ( Santoor ), Bidyut Khan (Sarod).

BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN (London, UK) invited Pandit Monoj Shankar in 2007 as Visiting Professor to their prestigious Summer School programme. The maestro charmed audiences & students in London by the depth of his knowledge, uncanny ability to communicate and sheer energy & enthusiasm well past seventy.